The EURO Enclosed Track 144 speargun features a euro style handle or middle, giving you additional reach to project your shots. The mechanism and shaft sit at the end of the speargun allowing for more band stretch giving more power. The EURO 144 speargun has 3 power bands, making it more powerful to spear bigger and faster fish. The teak laminate layers on the EURO 144are laminated from side-to-side, giving the EURO 144 a wide body, with a narrow vertical build. This wide design adds weight to the speargun to decrease muzzle kick & increase accuracy. Furthermore, the sleek design offers less drag while tracking the fish.This is an excellent model for fish like yellow tail, white sea bass, and dorado.

The spear track is enclosed into the stock to guide the spear accurately down the barrel. The groove is durable and an excellent design feature compared to eye hole spear tracks which break easily and reduce accuracy. The EURO 144 speargun uses a larger diameter spear. The spear is more durable, resisting damage from the fish bending it, or direct impact from hitting rocks. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Experience the difference with your new Andre Spearguns Euro 144 – 56.75 inch stock length, three power bands, 9/32 inch shaft, and 23 feet effective shooting range.


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